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Destiny's End

I Visions

II The Question

III A Journey, An Answer

IV No One Listened
V Last Words

All songs: Lawrence A. Magri
Copyright  1976 - 2006

I Visions

In the year of the dammed was one
Who looked to the future, and saw none

To leave this realm of night

He was sworn to follow the light

For then and only then

Would he awaken

From this discontent life


II The Question

Inside of an ancient fantasy

A question of truth was asked

Lost through the years of forsakenness

I came upon a stone


A shadow had cast

Before my eyes

Yet I could read

The script on the stone


Upon the stone I read the words

A power that was known to be

Fate had struck the power died

I still live I still ask why


Now I feel inside of me

A pain I somehow knew would be

It hurts to read of foolish ways

Of men so blind they' ve lost their way


III A Journey, An Answer

Take me away

Where eternal lights

Still shine on


Where our fathers

Saw the lights

And the ways we've lost


I now approach the majestic master

My mind so held in awe

He spoke of a land, Power and Pride

I thought to doubt his words


Was then I saw

My kingdom to be

Filled in glory

Was I so blind to see?


Tell me know what should I do?

The words you speak are they not true?

Should I receive this gift I see?

Or was it not meant to be?


IV No One Listened

So you think you are wiser

Then before

Let us not mislead you

Shut you out the door


The day will never come

You will never rule again

Take your foolish learnings

Be on your way


Now I'm just an old man

With my dreams

Drowning in confusion

So it seems


V Last Words

So came the day

when we said

When you leaving?


Seeing through distorted eyes

Was a man

With a reason

He asked a question


Standing helpless on the corner of time

Now a blind man

Asking questions

Never knowing why they

Turn away


Now knowing that all life would end

You should've heard him cry

When you see me I'll be standing on air

Bright light will shine

And lead me on my way

You've heard my question

Now see my answer


All songs: Lawrence A. Magri
Copyright  1976 - 2006

Destiny's End

A song that has its roots in riffs I created as far back as the 1970s.

Some of the lyrics are from this time period as well.

The opening chords, lyrics, and riffs I wrote in 1985.

At the time I was doing other projects, so I filed it away for a rainy day.

Sometime around 1988 - 1989 I was going thru old cassettes and found songs

I had written, with the same type of lyrics. Around this time I assembled

the lyrics into 1 complete song "Destiny's End"

Then filed it away again.

During 2001 I decided to rerecord the best of these songs I had on old cassettes.

This was the first time I had ever played Destiny's End as a complete song.

Destiny's End is a 16 plus minute Progressive Rock piece.
The lyrics written during the 1970s, and 1980s do have a fantasy feel to them

Seem to work well with this type of song.

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