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Through The Years

This section  is a small photo album from bands I have played in.
The bands scan many decades, dating back into the 1970s
And leading foward to 2006

Third Rail
This was my first band. Tommy and I where in 9th or 10th grade when we started Third Rail. We heard Vinny and Mike playing Deep Purple from Tommy's house so we walked towards the music. Next thing ya know we have a rockin band. From what I remember we played Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, J. Geils Band among others. Big thanks to Tom for sending this awesome photo
Third Rail 1974

Larry, Mike, Tom, Vinny - Third Rail - 1974

Larry and Danny - More Third Rail Mk II 1974/75

Star Trooper
Star Trooper was a band I joined while I was still in High School
In this band I was 17 Playing for only 3 years
This band played in local bars as well
We played music by bands such as
Sweet, Thin Lizzy, Kiss, Rush,
Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath

Star Trooper - 1977 - Gibson Melody Maker - 200w Marshall Plexi w 1974 4x12 Cabinet

Larry Star Trooper - 1977

Resserextion was another High School band I played in
We stayed together a few years
Just a bunch of High School buddies
Who liked to party and rock and roll
We mostly played
Rush, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath
We also began playing originals in this band

Charlie and Larry - Resserextion 1978

Ray Resserextion - 1978

Charlie and Larry Resserextion 1978

Ray - Ressurextion - 1978

Charlie - Jimmy - 70s Boogie Van, a classic

Mike Resserextion - 1979

Larry Resserextion 1979

Ray - Ressurextion -1979

Heaven was band that was formed out of the ashes
of Resserextion. We formed around 1980
Just in time for the NWOBHM
New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
We covered acts such as
Angel, Led Zeppelin, Blizzard of Ozz, Rush
Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Fist
Def Leppard and Saxton

Charlie Joe Larry and Larry - Heaven - 1981

Charlie and Larry Heaven - 1981

Larry and Larry Heaven - 1981

Larry Heaven - 1981

Heaven - Charlie Joe Larry and Larry - 1981

Charlie - Dr. Shays - 1981

Teazer was a band that Resserextion played with
I kept in touch with the guys
and joined Teazer around 1982
After a few lineup changes
Teazer would later become
Knight Wolfe
Teazer played originals with a few covers
here and there
Mostly Aerosmith and Van Halen

Larry Glen and Louie Teazer - 1982

Glen Teazer - 1982

Larry Teazer - 1982

Teazer - single add - 1982

At this point Teazer went through some changes
When all the dust cleared
Glen, Chris, and Larry where left standing as
Knight Wolfe
Mirror'ed Image
This was a band that played music of the day as well as some classic's
We formed around 1995 just after the "Grundge" craze
Bands like: Areosmith, ZZ Top, Ozzy, Bush, Pearl Jam, Green Day, STP

Mirror'ed Image - Larry Harry Mike Brian - 1996

Larry - Mirror'ed Image - 1996

Harry Brian Tommy Larry - Mirror'ed Image - 1996

Switch 65
Switch 65 was a band formed around 2000
We played mostly current rock music of the early 2000 era
Melissa Etheridge, Jewl, Live, Cheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette
Matchbox 20, Dishwalla, Neil Young, Bob Dylan

Switch 65 - Joe Jannine, Doug, Larry - 2000

Jannine Larry - Switch 65 - 2000

Jannine Ray Larry - Switch 65 mk II - 2001

In 2002 Rain of Fire was formed

Rain of Fire
A classic rock band
We played some of the best classic rock around
Neil Young, Elton John, The Doors, Cream
Golden Earing, U2, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top
AD DC, Robin Trower, Black Sabbath,
Judas Priest, Sammy Hagar, Bob Segar,
The Who, Humble Pie, Grand Funk,
And Led Zeppelin

Click here to visit the Official Rain of Fire website

Rain of Fire website
John Jimmy Larry - Rain of Fire - 2004

Larry - Rain of Fire - Mr Beerys - 2004

Steve Ray and Larry
We got together for a party for Ray's sister
Didn't practice, or have a set list
We just started calling songs out
If we knew it, we played it
We did 2 sets of about 12 songs each
What a blast we had!

Steve, Ray, Larry - 2006

Larry, Steve, Ray - 2006

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