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A Passionate Embrace
Katie and Larry
It was another day, not much going on. Thought I would relax.
Been wanting to setup a myspace webpage for my music. Seems the thing to do these days. As with all web sites, the porn scammers where out in full force. But stuck between the band and scammer requests was a request from a Katie. I was very interested, she wasn't a scammer, but her photo showed her to be very attractive, so yes I added her as a friend. I really wasn't looking for anything more then just a place to put my music. Katie seemed like someone I would like to meet tho
She left nice comments on my page like:
 "love your long hair" I already thought she was a very hot looking lady.
So I took a chance and added a comment to her page telling her:
Its Offical, with a graphic that she is: 100% fine female.
It seems every guy on the planet leaves Katie these type of comments too. But to my suprise Katie responded to me in her own sexy way: "Thank you,and your 100% hot" Well after that, I had to know more about this sweet sexy lady 
who was telling me I was hot.
I sent her my email address and sure enough,
Katie tells me: :Yes, you are hot!" We exchange a few emails, just getting to know each other.
After a few more emails, we realize we are both into music with a passion. I wanted to know more, Katie, a beautiful lady, and into music! One night Katie tells me:"I would love to talk to you by phone"
We exchange phone numbers and Katie once again tells me: "You are so frigin hot,luv your hair" I sent Katie a message. I just had to respond: "Sweet Katie, your sooooo hot to me too! Its gonna be very hot! when we meet" and you know Katie responded: "I'm sure it will baby" After a responce like that I wanted more and asked her: "Do you have any hot photos" All I really wanted was a few photos, nothing erotic I realized after I sent the message. I was pissed thinking she would just not respond to me anymore. But Katie did respond: "I have to know who you are first before I send them,then I will pose for you so you can take some of me" I was floored by her sexy openess. I couldn't wait to talk to her. We started talking on the phone and quickly realized we had lots in common. We talked for hrs getting to know each other. In between a few more calls and emails, I sent a quick message to Katie: "Hi sexy lady, how are you today"
Katie again suprised me with her responce: "I feel very attracted to you" I told her: "I was attracted to her as well" At this point we talked and setup to meet each other at a local place,
not to far from each other. During the week we kept in touch, some emails and calls, just waiting for that day. I sent Katie some messages whlie waiting for our meeting "Sexy lady I love your very sexy and hot playfulness" "You really turn me on! Can't wait to see your body and feel your soft warm skin, your so hot! Sexy Katie responded : "I'm hot for you., and love sex" This was the night before we met. I couldn't sleep, and was so excited.

That night, I headed out to the place where we were to meet. I got there early.
A few minutes later Katie walks up.
She looks stunning! Long blonde hair, beautiful smile, sexy body,
and dressed in tight jeans And a top that showed off her sweet chest.
We went inside had a few drinks and had a great time getting to know each other
When we sat down and held each others hands. This was so sweet of Katie.
Her warm soft fingers caressing mine, such a nice touch.
Katie looks so good, I wanted to kiss her. No sooner did I have visions of this, Katie reached overAnd started passionatly kissing me. Her soft lips and tounge parted my lips. I pulled her closer.
We where both locked in a deep embrace. At this point, I wanted her.
Katie's soft kisses and soft touch turned me on so much
We sat and talked, had something to eat, another drink.
Before you know it a few hours pass, we finish our drinks and decided to leave
At this point I thought meeting Katie and spending a
wonderful evening with her was comming to and end.

We walk to my car, get in and we start kissing, and trying to get as close to each other as we can. Katie feels so soft and warm. Her soft passionate kisses turn me on. She had me so hard from her sweet sexy way.
We hugged and kisses, and hugged and kissed. I just wanted to be close to her and feel her sweet body. The top Katie has on made it easy to kiss her chest. I caressed her very sexy cleavage. I reached inside her top felt her hard nipple. I began caressing and softly squeezing her nipple and kissing her tits.
Katie softly sighed and wispered: "Do you want me to take of my bra"
We moved the car to a darker area, that wasn't so dark after all. Katie took off her top and bra. Katies tits look so hot under the moon lit night. I held her close and started sucking her sweet nipples. I want to caress and suck her nipples all night, Katie is so hot! She reaches over and tells me: "I want to have sex with you"
She tells me to take off my pants, I pull down my pants as fast as I can.
My cock is so hard already. Katie leans over and starts going down on me.
She slowly takes my cock into her mouth. I feel her lips sucking and her soft tounge caressing my cock
She slides her tounge up and down my shaft, then takes me deep into her mouth,
fucking my cock harder and faster.
I feel her tits against my stomach and her hot lips and tounge sucking my cock.
Katie takes me deep, sucking my head, then sliding down my shaft, till I'm deep in her mouth. I moan with sighs calling her name: "So good sweet Katie"
I reach over tell Katie: "I want you" see replies: "I want you too"
I want to pull down her pants and fuck her pussy so bad.
Katie sucked my cock till I can't take it anymore
I am so ready to spread her pussy lips, slide my cock deep in her, and just ride her till I cum.
 Exploding deep inside Katies sweet pussy
People where still leaving and walking by, so we decided next time.
Katie put her top back on, and we talked a bit
I told Katie we need a room and she said:
Next time get a room and we are going to have sex
non stop all day, bring a camara"
We hug and kiss and say goodnight.
Both of us so ready for hot sex, non stop!

Katie and Larry
A Passionate Embrace

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