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The Journey
A Passage Between Here And There

"As We Begin,
So Shall The Seasons Forever Change"

Bound to an empty machine
Are we just mindless souls?

Can we find a peace within?


Caught in a web

The chaos begins

Perplexed, disillusioned



Feeling as though life has passed us by

Decree to walk alone, contentedly

This is what we've become


Searching for a sign

Looking in on a wasteland of emotions

Is this all life has to offer?


A loss of sight

Nothingness, and discontent

Accepting oblivion


A constant spiral

No will against the strain

Aspirations, just out of reach


Devoid of emotion

Salvation seems lost

Yet we find the strength to carry on


Another day, another way

Insecurities seem to fade

Inhibitions break from constraint


Drawn to the light

Trepidations unwind

Approching consciousness, undaunted


Passage, entrée

Resolutions resolved

Indecisive, but attentive


An awakening

Rebirth, renewal
Knowledge and understanding

Compassion and emotion

As we become.......

All phrases: Lawrence A. Magri
Copyright © 1998 - 2007

The Journey
These are the phrases that bridge the songs of
Between Here And There
They tell the same story, just in condensed form

Downward Phase
Was written during the same time frame as
Bewteen Here And There
And could have become part of the same story
It uses the same symbolisim as
Crystalline, and
Somewhere, Everywhere
So I decided against making it part of the main story
But it does belong. so here it is

Downward Phase


She comes to me in the night

When the light has all but died

A dream a lady

With long golden hair

With eyes that sparkle with light

Tonight, take me there


Take me

Down, down
Take me there

Take me

Down, down


No one will know

Of this lady I know

She brings life to me

No one will see

What she does to me

Take me there


Night after night

I follow her light

I follow a dream

Through memories I pass

A slave to her light

A slave to the night


Take me
Down, down

Take me there

Take me

Down, down


She comes to me in the night

The light, has died

A dream of a lady

Just a dream

Eyes that see only life

Tonight, take me there


Take me
Down, down

Take me there

Take me

Down, down

 © 1998 - 2006
Lawrence A. Magri

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