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Messages from the band to all our friends and fans

11/16/2005 "Currently we are looking for a Drummer"
If interested please send info to:


11/20/04 With the holiday season upon us again, we wish all of you a safe and happy holidays. We will be rehearsing early in 2005 for our upcoming AC/DC Black Sabbath tribute sets.
10/14/04 We have been handing out the CD at shows and to whoever would like one lately. We have been getting some nice responces, thanks.
04/23/04 We should have the CD done buy the end of spring, and ready for you guys shortly thereafter. Stay Tuned!
03/02/04 The MP3 files have been moved from the homepage to the MP3 page. We will try to get all 6 songs that we recorded uploaded to the new page.
03/02/04 The band wishes to thank Mike @ Dare Studios, Bob @ Lyric Studios, Rob @ Guitar Asylum, Walt @ Phase One Studios.
02/29/04 The demo is finally finished! Some of the MP3s can be found on the bottom of the home page
01/15/04 We hope everyone had a great holiday season. We also look forward to seeing all of you at upcomming shows