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12/19/2006 We have decided against any further shows. We want to thank everyone for suppoting us over the years


11/22/2005 Did some updates to the site, organized the pages, and got ride of some of the extra webpage text, for better website viewing.


11/16/2005 Well its been way too long. The band has been going thru some changes and personal issues, but we are still alive and kickin!!!!!

In the near future we will be getting things back together for club and bar shows again.

We will also be prepairing for an all new

Rain of Fire

The band will start an Original Project as well as the Covers
We are looking forward to this new direction once the lineup is complete


11/16/2005 This is the new website address:



11/16/2005 "Currently we are looking for a Drummer"
If interested please send info to:

03/10/2005 Jimmy finally had the operation, so we have been just waiting for him to be able to play again. We are looking to book shows again for the summer, and maybe some new recordings. Thanks for all your support

01/25/2005 Finally added photos from The Downtown and Grizzlys

Check them out! The Downtown here! and Grizzly's here!

01/22/2005 Rehersal on 01/20/2005  @ Phase One new songs coming together well. Added new Sabbath: Sweet Leaf, and Never Say Die. All in all, Beer Drinkers and Hell Rasiers, Tush, Touch Too Much, TNT, Sweet Leaf, and Never Say Die. This plus a whole lot more!

01/08/2005  Started rehearsing the new songs over at Phase One The ZZ Top and the AC/DC are sounding really good. Looking forward to playing these new songs live: Beer Drinkers and Hell Rasiers, Tush, Touch Too Much, TNT, Highway To Hell and many more.

12/23/20004 We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy hoilday season. We will be starting a second CD early in the new year, as well as adding Sabbath, AC/DC, ZZ Top, and Skynard to the sets.

12/23/2004 We want to thank The Downtown, Grizzly's, McCoys, their  staffs, Rick@ The Downtown, Bob@ L.I. Band Bookings, Jeff @ McCoys, All the Bands we played with, and last but not least, all our friends and fans for showing up, back to back to back shows. Without you guys it just wouldn't have happened. You guys rock in a big way!

11/24/2004 Due to an illness, we have to cancel the McCoys 11/272004 Show.

We will still be playing the 12/11/2004 Show at McCoys.

We regret this, as we where looking forward to ths show.

11/20/2004 News on the upcomming AC/DC Black Sabbath set!

11/19/2004 Added lyrics to all the songs on the CD check them out here

11/19/2004 From here forward please email Rain of Fire for all booking and contact information.

11/15/2004 New Show Added! 12/11/2004 McCoys check under shows for details. Help make this another great show!

11/10/2004 Site Update! gave the site a quick update, new skin, hope you like the new look. let us know what you think. Also Email us for Tickets! 12/21/2004 Live @ The Downtown

11/08/2004 We are looking forward to this show, so come on out and help make this a show to remember!

11/02/2004 Look for the AC/DC, Black Sabbath tribute! early 2005

10/30/2004 New Show Added ! 12/21/2004 8:15 PM TheDowntown

Part of the Tuesday Night Audition series at The Downtown.

Come on out and help us make this a great show.

10/25/2004 Updated the MP3s. They are now just about CD quality!

10/21/2004 We are all set for the show at Mr. Beery's 10/23/2004 we will be going on around 9:30 PM. Other bands include: The Tides, Cosmo's Moon, Steel Reign, and Erocktica. This should be a rockin show!

10/16/2004 Just got back from rehersal for the upcoming shows. We did the long set (15 song) Guys, this set rocks! Its about 1 1/2hrs long. The new songs sound great in the set (Summertime Blues, Roadhouse Blues, Kick Out The Jams) Maybe some day the clubs will let us play the entire set.

We are looking forward to seeing you guys at the upcoming shows!

10/14/2004 New Show! Nov27th, McCoy's formerly The Dugout

located in Commack. Showtime 9:00PM Multi band show.

10/14/04 New Show! Nov 6th, Vegas Sports Pub located in Copauge Showtime 10:30PM Multi band show. Hope to see you there.

10/14/04 New Show! Oct 23rd, Mr. Beery's located in Beth Page.

Showtime 9:30PM Multi band show.

10/07/04 Added the long set to the set list area. This is the set we pick songs from when we play 1 set with other bands.

10/07/04 Been a while gang, so here goes: Practicing for up comming shows.

07/25/04 Just confirmed, Another Show at Grizzlys 08/28/04

07/25/04 August 14th Power of Music 2nd Annual Centereach Music Festival at The Kings Club. This event will feature local & regional bands, food & vendors, lots of games, gifts, and givaways. Some acts confirmed are: Randy Jackson (from Zebra), Hindenburg (Zeppelin tribute) Mr Scary (Dokken tribute) Sister Blind Cosmo's Moon Lost Legacy, and

The Tides.  Rain of Fire will be going on about 9:45PM

Brought to you by Power of Music Productions-For ticket and show  info contact The Kings Club @ 631-716-2582

07/25/04 Been a while so here goes, The show at Grizzlys with Nurse Deisel was another great time for all. The band rocked!

06/26/04 Just Confirmed, Kings Club 08/14/04 with Dokken, Zeppelin Tribute bands, as well as Randy Jackson. This is an all ages event, with bands playing throughout the day.

06/10/04 We will be back at Grizzly's with Nurse Diesel, July 17th

10:00PM show time. Come on out and have a Rockin time!

06/10/04 We will be doing the annual Kings Park 4th of July Bash again on July 3rd. Last year was a blast. This year should be even better.

05/18/04 This just in, The band will no longer be working with Electric Records. The CD will be Mastered and Finalized by Duplication Specialists, Inc  http://www.dupespec.com/

04/30/04 Back at Phase One. We worked on the new songs most of the night. Humble Pie's I Don't Need No Doctor is sounding awesome, what a great classic to play. Other standout songs include Roadhouse Blues, and Summertime Blues. Kicked some butt with Sympthom of  The Universe, That song is so heavy! The second set should have plenty of great songs.

04/23/04 The band will be working with Electric Records who will finalize and package the CD for distribution. http://www.electricrecords.com/

04/18/04 Added Mississippi Queen to the MP3 download page, so now all the songs we recorded for the demo can be downloaded directly from here.

04/15/04 Another practice at Phase One We have finally started on the new songs we intend to update the set lists with. The sets should sound great for the summer shows.

04/04/04 The Band can now be found listed on the Good Times Magazine Band Website List  at http://www.goodtimesmag.com/

03/14/04 The Show at Grizzly's was great! We want to thank all our friends and family for showing up again. Without you guys, it just wouldn't be a show. Thanks also to the staff at Grizzly's for having us back, Tommy, Donnie and all the guys from Nurse Diesel (you guys rock!)

03/13/04 Another show at Grizzly's with Nurse Diesel

03/05/04 Added photos for the 01/18/04 show at Grizzly's

02/19/04 We finished mixing all the songs for the demo. We are very happy with all the mixes. Special thanks to Bob at Lyric Studios.

02/19/04 Today is the day, we will be mixing this afternoon

02/19/04 We will be back at Lyric Studios to complete the mixing.

02/05/04 Update! All went well at Lyric Studios today. We corrected the vocals and re-mixed 2 of the songs. They came out so well, we scheduled more time to re-mix the rest of the songs there as well.

02/05/04 We will be remixing 2 songs at Lyric Studios. We may also do some vocal touchups

01/18/04 The show was great! We all had a great time. We opened the show for Nurse Diesel. The Show started about 10:00PM, we played close to an hr. The P.A. sounded great too. Thanks to all our friends, Tommy, Donnie from Nurse Diesel, the staff at Grizzles.

01/17/04 Show at Grizzles, show time 10:00PM

01/08/04 We went back to Dare to mix what we had recorded, and practice for up commimg shows

01/03/04 We started recording at Dare Studio's for our upcomming demo

12/15/03 New date for the Demo 01/03/04

11/13/03 Just confirmed:  The Band will be recording at Dare Studios on December 13, 2003

These are the songs that will be recorded for the demo

Neil Young-Rockin In A Free World

Bob Segar-Feel Like A Number

Mountian-Missisippi Queen


Judas Priest-Green Manalishi

Black Sabbath-Children Of The Grave

09/28/03 The band will be rehearsing at Phase One Sound during October for an upcomming recording session. The session should yeild enough songs for a demo. The recording will take place at Dare Studios.