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Lawrence began his musical path many years ago. As a child he caught the music bug early on. Motown, Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. He would play these 45s over and over. He started his formal guitar lessons at age 6, but like most kids, just wanted to play, instead of practice. He never lost interest though. In High School he took guitar all 4 years, and was in a different band every week. His biggest influences at this time where: John Lennon, Jimmy Page, Rush, and Jimi Hendrix. These High School musical roots would last a lifetime.

See the Rain of Fire  website for details.


After High School he played with endless rock bands. He took formal lessons again in the early 1980s after hearing Randy Rhoads play, another big influence. During this time he became a member of a band called Knight Wolfe. This was his first step at a musical career. Knight Wolfe recorded professional, and toured most of the east coast of the USA during the mid 1980s. Knight Wolfe was a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal type of band. Late 1980s early 1990s he was a member of Suspect. Suspect was a radio friendly rock band. They recorded and performed together for about 4 years. During this time he went back to school, and received technical degrees in Electronics and Computer Service. Most of the 1990s was spent jumping from one band to another, but mostly recording his original music. Early in 2002 he would find himself playing in a cover band with a High School buddy. As kids growing up John and Larry where in 100s of bands together. This band Rain of Fire is a Classic Rock band. They play the local Long Island scene. Besides working with Rain of Fire, he is constantly working on his original music. This includes: Blues, Metal, and Progressive Rock/Metal. Music has, and will always be a constant in everything he does.

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