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My Classic Equipment
These are some of the first guitars amps and efx that I had.
Back in the 70s, still a teenager I was lucky
to have great parents who where into music as well.
Yes we did the Little Leauge Baseball
But, us guys in High School where also into Music.
Not just listening, but we wanted to play as well.

1975 Carlo Robelli Les Paul

This was my first real guitar.
A 1975 Carlo Robelli Les Paul
I was big time into Jimmy Page, so after months of pestering my dad
One day we went to Sam Ash music store looking for Guitars
When I saw this guitar, I knew I had to have it
It wasn't a Gibson, but to a 15 year old kid
It was every bit a Les Paul.
Also around this time I had a 1972 Kustom 50 Combo Amp,
Black with the very cool
Tuck and Roll finish, and the very hip
Purple power light
This was between 1974 - 1982
The effects I used at this time where:
Electro Harmonix LPB1 and LPB2
Electro Harmonix Memory Man Delay
Electro Harmonix Wah/Volume Pedal
MXR Phase 90 Phase Shifter
Mu-Tron Phaser II
DOD 460 Chorus

1972 Kustom 50 w/Tuck and Roll Finish, Gibson Melody Maker
Also note in the same picture
Earth Stagemaster 2000 240w PA Amp
Earh 2x10 2 Horns Speaker Cabinet
Kustom Bass Amp

EFX - 1976 - 79 - MXR Phase 90 - Electro Harmonix Volume/Wah - Electro Harmonix Memory Man

EFX 1980 to 1982
The EFX, and Amp I used around 1981 where all very cool
This was how I connected them from guitar to amp
Guitar -out to:
DOD 460 Chorus
Mu-tron Phaser II
Electro Harmonix Vol/Wah
Electro Harmonix Memory Man
Black Box Overdrive
out to:
Marshall 200w Amp
Marshall 4x12 Cabinet
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