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 When The Lights Go Down

It always seems to be with me

Nothings changed

Just the things I see


So time was to ease the pain

Still nothings changed

One step forward, I'm back again


Times have come, and times have gone

Nothings changed

A pale gray dawn


As I look inside of me

Still nothings changed

Is this who I'm supposed to be?


I'm lost in a sea of doubt

Chasing the wind again

Lost in a sea of doubt


When the lights go down

Lost in a sea

When the lights go down

Chasing the wind

When the lights go down


It's always the same

Over and over again

When the lights go down


  2004 Lawrence A Magri


When the Lights Go Down

Has been selected by the Americian Poets Society


for publication in an Anthology titled


ISBN: 0-9743429-6-3

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